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#BigPayback 2015 Kickoff Event

Last week (02/03/2015), I was honored—for the second year — to deliver several presentations and the Keynote Address at the 2015 #BigPayback Kickoff Event. With approximately 750 attendees, representing non-profits from all over the middle-Tennessee region, the second annual #BigPayback on May 5th, 2015 is primed to be an amazing success. Read More>>

Check out some recent work!


» ACT Aspire—Florida

The ACT is the recognized leader in college and career readiness standards. Their college entry test is well known among high school seniors, their parents and admissions officials around the country. This success has recently lead to an expansion of their product line—including the new ACT Aspire Program.

ACT Aspire is a new venture, featuring an innovative digital, longitudinal assessment system, developed to track students' progress...


Facebook advertising can be very confusing, but in my opinion, it is a critical component to any social media strategy. The truth is—facebook advertising is something to pursue with informed caution. Just make sure you aren't wasting your advertising spend.

Please watch the video below and contact us if you have questions about how to effectively build a Facebook advertising...


» Komen Austin - Practice What You Pink

PracticeWhatYouPink.org is a purely digital effort to "speak the truth" about an issue impacting many health services non-profits. Specifically among breast cancer charities, the ubiquity of "pink stuff" during Breast Cancer Awareness Month can give potential donors and advocates a false sense of security on the issue. Susan G. Komen Austin partered with Proclaim Advocates in October 2013, to produce this advocacy campaign with three...